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The Wonder of Creating

It amazes me every time I see something that exists now where nothing existed before. One day there was no me but at some point in history, I came to be. People, objects, ideas, songs, and even this blog post. It is more amazing when I am the one that creates that thing.

Over the weekend, my photographs on Unsplash crossed 11,000 views and 60 downloads. For the most of last year, I didn't have a camera or any plans of getting one. Earlier this year, I hadn’t edited or shared any images outside of Whatsapp statuses. And now, someone somewhere have needed - and hopefully found useful - images I captured, at least 60 times.

I write songs, I build software, so I should be used to this feeling, but I never am. And I pray I never do.

If you do any form of creative work, I’m sure you know this feeling. I hope you never loose it. And if you haven’t noticed the wonder of something you created lately, please find sometime today to pause and marvel at the things you’ve brought to life.

You can download a free copy of my recently released photobook and songs here