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Stand True

During one of my game drives in Etosha, I noticed two or three zebras walking towards a "lonely" tree in the distance. At first, it didn't seem significant, as Etosha is a vast space with many animals and few trees. Occasionally, a tree can be found with no others for miles around. However, as we drove closer, the "loneliness" of this particular tree became more apparent. I didn't time how long it took us to reach the tree, but it felt like 30 minutes to an hour. Even when we arrived, the zebras were still miles away.

This made me wonder what would be on the tree's ideal list for its growing surroundings. My guess is that it would prefer the Amazon to the dry plains of Etosha. It might want water underneath for its roots, many trees around it for company, and a few taller trees to provide shade from the sun while still receiving enough sunlight. Yet, here stood this tree in the opposite situation of what it might prefer, and it still stood strong.

Not only did the tree stand, but it also provided shade from the scorching sun for the zebras and other animals. Although the tree's situation wasn't ideal for itself, it was the answer to some animals' prayers and the solution to their heat problem. It stood true to its purpose.

Before coming to Namibia, I was at a crossroads, torn between my purpose in life and something I had been praying and longing for since I could remember. This was at the top of my ideal life situation list. Being at that crossroads, after years of effort and being so close, was one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life. My trip to Namibia was one way I sought healing for that pain. When I saw those zebras and that tree, I felt an assurance and a reminder to stand true to my calling and where I have been planted.

Although I might have to stand through loneliness, like that tree, I am reminded to stand true to my calling. I just might be the shade someone has been praying for and has been walking miles towards. So I will stand true and encourage others to do the same.

Stand true. A time is coming when people might even pay to come watch you stand. For now, stand true!