This Life is Beautiful

A journey of finding the beauty in everyday life.

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Beauty on This Side of Eternity

I have spent the past week checking off one of the items at the top of my bucket-list. I have truly seen beauty. The kind of beauty that have you in tears, multiple times and I am still counting. However, these beautiful experiences have come with their own pain and battles, making me realise our (or maybe just my) inability to perfectly enjoy beauty to its fullest on this side of eternity.

The Wonder of Creating

It amazes me every time I see something that exists now where nothing existed before. One day there was no me but at some point in history, I came to be. People, objects, ideas, songs, and even this blog post. It is more amazing when I am the one that makes that thing.

Stand True

During a game drive in Etosha, a "lonely" tree and some zebras taught me a great lesson.